About Savaş Ateş

I’m Savaş Ateş. I have been interested in fish since my childhood. I was very impressed with the colorful fish I saw in a store when I was in primary school. Then, I asked my father to buy a small aquarium for our home. Along with the aquarium, he also bought colorful fish, algae, stones, and by-products such as cleaning filters and fish feed.

As days passed by, I started to learn more about fish, feeding fish, aquarium care, and over time I put this knowledge into practice.

One day, I had to enter a new area when my mother bought a fishing line and wanted to fish in our summer house. Since my mother had no information about the subject, I had to learn the necessary details and help her. She was very eager to fish.

I researched fishing, fishing rods, and other related products. I talked to experts about these and increased my experience through trial and error. Later, I decided to share this information with you.

You can contact me on the contact page about your questions.

Email: sates52 -at- gmail.com

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Good Yoga School – https://goodyogaschool.com/
Good Honey Guide – https://goodhoneyguide.com/

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