Best 7 Reasons Fishing at Night

A wise man once said that ‘’Should I be a cloud or a ship? Should I be a fish or, a moss? Neither a cloud nor a moss, I should be the sea itself!’’. There are so many things have said about the sea, songs have written and love of the sea never ended up. Following to this love, people go fishing under misty clouds, to catch the glamorous fishes with the mossy rocks, and try to be the sea itself with these combinations. Overall, for the sea lovers, the best part of the sea is fishing, because you can feel all these individuals at the same time and after that enjoy the delicious dishes that you got from the sea.

Fishing is an ability based on catching sea animals from wetlands. Besides, it is an ability, there are some tricks you need to know to catch the best fishes with the high volumes; such as fishing at the night times. According to experienced fishermen; night is the best time for fishing to get the finest results from your effort and exertion during the fishing process. Night shift is giving the perfect environment for fishermen to hit the jackpot and it comes with lots of assets. Here are the 7 reasons why fishing is done at night times and some tips for who would like to make it done at night.

In my opinion, not only to get the best results but also to solve the emotional problems, people choose to fish at night times. Thinking in the endless darkness, silence and loneliness could be the best treatment ever that a human gets for free. But, in this article, we will look for technical advantages and tips of the night fishing. Of course, it does not mean that fishing is all about these techniques, but rather than going home with empty-handed, you may want to know why it is better to fish at night and what are the most common advantages of it.

1. Wind

Most of the fishermen do not exactly understand the impact of the natural events on the fishing. If you are sailing with your boat the most important thing that you need to have is the wind behind you. Between 2am-3am in the morning is the best time frame for this. Due to wind fans from the coast towards the sea, the wind is giving the best conditions and make the sailing easier. Of course, these are the reasons if you are sailing. If not, I can say that it is also good to feel the blowing air at the offshore or the pier through the night. I know this is the emotional part of it, but who can deny this feeling!

Another important thing about wind is the flow that it creates. When the air is windy, it generates waves. And waves are the tender spot of this job. When the wave starts, it makes oxygen reduction. Then, the visibility of the surface decreases. This forces the fishes to come up to the surface to feed, breath, etc. So, fishermen will easily see the fishes to catch and be able to determine where the fishes at mostly. Diversely, too much wind can make the fishes move all the way deep inside of the see and look for something to eat another day. So, you need to find the best times of the day which is the night time when the wind is its optimal level of the whole day.

2. Avoid Sunburns

It is true that despite we love the sun, high burning temperature and hot weather may prevent anglers from enjoying their fishing activity. Under the unhealthy sun lights, fishing can be a nightmare for you even if when you are in the middle of the cool water. You can use hat, sun creams with +50 factors or try to keep your body safe with various solutions. None of them will be helpful for you if you are right under the sun without any protection above your head. Therefore, fishing at night times gives you a great option with the less temperate, better weather conditions and peace of being without burning sun. As long as it is not freezing, you can enjoy the nice weather in your perfect fishing spot and have an amazing experience at the outdoor. Fishing becomes painless without a sweaty and sunburned body at the nights.

3. Luminescent

Imagine that you are having a night party with all neon color clothes under the dark sea. Trying to attract your partner with your different shapes and shines and be the diamond of the night. Some fishes, lucky ones, are having this neon party every night. Some type of fishes has neon-color that brights at night. They can provide you a light show if you are fishing either in the middle of the sea or cast a fly from the pier. While waves are coming you can have a chance to observe how their body is shining and purely see them in the salty water. In this way, you are not only appreciating the moment you have but also appreciating the nature what gives us.

4. Attractive Times

It is scientifically proved that there are some certain times more attractive than the other times for fishes. For instance; when the moonlight is reflected in the sea. We know that moonlight is giving a super romantic atmosphere for humans. It is really attractive when its full moon time and sparkle in the darkness like a substitution of the sun. Scientific researches say that moonlight, especially the full moon times, are also attractive for the fishes. They try to come up to the surface more at those times because of the overwhelming beauty of the light.

If you are thinking what is all about fishing, here is the reason! When the fishes come to the surface, it is easy to estimate where they are located in the sea. Then the fishermen job is easy. Just throw the bait to the direction of where the fishes at. After that, it is easy to catch them. But, moonlight is not the only thing that attracts fishes. Calmer water temperature is also charming for fishes. After the sun goes down, the water temperature decreases. Some people say that is it a myth but believe the fishermen or not, up to their observations, fishes are more energetic when the water gets warmer. Probably the best way to know this go and fish so that experience this and find your answer!

5. Hush Hush!

Another reason why to fish at night time is the noise problem at the day time. During the day, there are so many people with boats and ships floating on the sea. Voice of the electric motors, anchors, jet skies, boats, etc. only work versus you. Because of the noise fishes get scared and do not move to the surface of the spots that you settled down. Noises keep happen in the day time and actually, there is no way to say stop to the people moving around you.

However, night time is a gift for you who may enjoy the silence of the night. There are no boats, no noise from plunking boats and nothing interrupts you. It is the time you can say that ‘’Me, myself and I’’. You may now focus on your business without being distracted by noise pollution. Yet it is not something only good for fishermen. As I mentioned before, fishes are not good with the noises. As long as they are ready to eat something on their way up to the shallow, they are ready to take your bait and be the meal on your dish. Whereas they do not like to hear stranger voices in their habitats, so they are not attempting to come up to the surface to eat or breath. As a conclusion, you should keep the voice minimum if you are fishing, and night is the only time you can make it.

6. Competition!

Lots of the people work in day shift and go to their home at night time to sleep. So, maybe afternoon they have time for fishing, but they do not at night times. On the other hand, people, for the most part, are really lazy to go fishing at night time. They rather hang out with their friends or find something else to do. If you are a fisherman who is willing to fish, night time will be the perfect match for you and your activity. Because people who can not find time over the weekdays, they are giving you the freedom to fish! Then, you may find the perfect spot for you and can even change your location to anywhere you want and no one can say anything. You have fewer opponents, more parking spots and more fish to catch inside of the sea at night times.

7. Fees

This title can be various, depend on which part of the country that you are fishing. But most of the states allow you to fish cheaper than day time. It is certainly known that in some suburbs provide free fishing at nights. So, you do not need to pay money for fishing at night. As a result, if you are planning to save some money and get this hobby done by spending almost no money you may choose the night time fishing.

Tips for Night Fishing

Although it has so many advantages to fish at night time, there are some rules you need to follow and some tips you need to know before on your way to go fishing. The night is always with surprises and has something else to show so fishermen need to know all the tricks and be ready for whole surprises which may appear at night. With the following warnings, you can ensure your night adventure with success.

#1 Choosing the Right Lure

If you are night fisher not only you but also your bait needs to adapt nights. There are some specified lures that you can get from fishing suppliers. Specially e-markets are providing you dozens of options. Essentially, let me tell you some known mistakes about night fishing. First of all, there is something that most of the night fishers have ever doubted, ‘’Can fishes see my bait?’’ or ‘’Should a get the different size of baits for night fishing?’’. The answer is, no need to worry about them at all. Because size, shape or any different appearance is important for fishes. Since they are not distracted by those.

The truth is, fishes are more regulated by sounds, vibrations or sonar senses. They do not need to see the vision of the lure as humans. Tiny lures or bigger lures won’t change the amount of the fish you caught. According to anglers, the best night fishing bait is the Buzzbaits. These kinds of baits make fracas on the surface so that get the fish’s attention. Anything works such this way will be a great choice for you to fish at night time like spooks, frogs or prop baits. Another bait which also works with the same logic is Bladed Swim Jigs. These are the vibrated ones which generate desirable beatings on the surface and help you to meet with the hungry fishes in the sea. Then, after you throw the bait, all you need to do is wait for the fish which will track the source of the vibration.

#2 Keep Moving!

At night time fishes use their sonar senses due to lack of light. ( Remember I said light is important to get the fish attention.) That means every small action will be noticed. So, you can not just throw the bait into the sea and wait for fishes. Because of the darkness fishes will not be able to identify the bait and will look for the movements to sense. And also along the day time larger fishes have more advantage than the small ones. However, at night time large fishes have less sonar sensibility than the small fishes. So, it is a great time for small fishes to come looking for food. As a conclusion, if you want to get fishes attention you need to consistently stimulate them with your moving until you they swallow your bait.

#3 Safety First

Night can be dangerous in different ways. Especially if you are in somewhere with no service, all alone and without safety gears. To avoid the danger, the first thing you need to do is tell someone where you go and which area you will stay for fishing. It is always good to have someone who knows where you are so if you can not return because something happens, people will know where to look for you. Secondly, get headlamps and boat light for night fishing. Light will be your guide in the darkness.

Talking about the service, you may need a cellphone with you to communicate with the people in any dangerous circumstance. Even if you have no service, dial 911! Another important thing is having a first aid kit with you. You can cut your finger, get injured, etc. and need first aid. Also, do not forget to bring your emergency blanket with you. It can save your night.


If you are wondering about what kind of fishes can be caught at night, here are some type of fishes you will mostly come upon in the sea if you are a night fisher.

#1 Catfish

Catfishes sense of touch and smell is always better than the other fishes. So, it is easier to find the bait and come up to feed for them than the other fishes. You will probably get at least one catfish if you are a night fisher.

#2 Yellow Perch

Yellow perch can be hooked under the full moonlight spheres. Its eyes have been created in such a way that it can define the location of foods, especially at nights. So, probably yellow perches will be the first fishes that will come for your Food during the night times.


#3 Walleye

These fishes have well-formed eyes which help them to detect even the limited amount of the light. So, they generally prefer to be deep inside of the water during the day time and look for eating at the night times because of their trustful night-vision eyes.

#4 Striped Bass

These type of fisher are light shy. So, they try to escape from the daylight and appear in the water when the night comes. They are also very attracted by the moonlight.

Savaş Ateş

When I was a kid I had a small aquarium in our home. I had different kinds of fishes. I like fishes. Then I started to research all kinds of fishes and fishing too. I read lots of books about them. I like to share my experiences.

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