Bringing a New Perspective ”Kayak Fishing” (with Amazon Products)

Every day, many people in America are on their way to fishing. Each of them has a different style to fish and using different ways of catching fishes in the open seas or the small lakes. People prefer to choose the best approach for them. When there are too many options to follow, it is always hard to choose one and use it as your guide. Some people go for using their boats to fish; some of them are okay just with their lures and fishing hooks. Fishing kayaks also an option for anglers. Even though you have never tried fishing kayaks, you have probably seen them before.

Kayaks are desirable for too many reasons. They are cost-effective, as soon as you get used to it, it is easy to control them, they are accessible, providing wide maneuver opportunity, and there are more features will mention further. In this guide, you will be fully informed about kayaks, how they are effective for fishing, what types of kayaks to choose, what color will be better for fishing, and detailed Amazon kayak suggestions. While you are keep reading, you will be amazed then think about what’s more do I need to know about kayaks. Please keep follow it with me!

First of all, it is better to talk about why to choose kayak and the benefits of choosing it. Here are the reasons to prefer fishing kayaks:

· Ease of Transport and Store

Kayaks are very available to carry and move them to somewhere else without any struggle. Motorboats require a vehicle, which can tow it. There is also a storage problem with the big boats. You need a garage or a big yard to store them. But, if you have an optimal size of the kayak, you won’t have any problem with transporting and storing them at all. You can carry them effortlessly and store them efficiently. So that you may save your energy, your money, and your storage area. Because most of the people who have boats spending so much money just to store their boats even if they don’t use it.

· No More Entry Problem

Kayak is giving you the best thing that you need while you are fishing, accessibility. It is the seeking element for fishing. You may not enter some of the places with your boat or if you want to fish in the shallow of the small lakes, it is impossible to use your huge boat to sail. So again small size and being light is a positive thing that kayak presents you. Enjoy your launching anywhere you want with your kayak!

· Closing up

Being on the water with your kayak gives you a great perspective of seeing what is going on in the water. You can feel that you have full control of fishing while you are on the water and very close to the surface. So, you can see the fishes completely then get focus on fishing better than when you were in the boat.

· Environmentalist

While we are getting something from nature, we need to do it environmentally. Using a boat releases gas to the air and this is not environmental at all. But using a kayak is eco-friendly. So, you can use kayaks without being harmful to the environment.

· Silence and Serenity

If you are a good angler, you probably know how much silence is critical while fishing. Fishes do not like noisy areas. Boats generally make so much noise for fishing but via using kayaks, the fishing activity can be quieter than ever. Besides, according to a special report of fishing, the top reason for fishing, other than catching the fishes, is to be away from the city life and feel the serenity in nature; get away from the congestion and enjoy the simplicity of fishing being close to nature. There is nothing better than experiencing solitude via fishing. It is relaxing and mending for you and your body!

· It is Healthy!

Although people use kayak for fishing, some of the people use it for their sports activities. It is a good exercise for the body because to move your kayak you need your power to get the point that you want. You let lots of your muscles work with fishing via kayak, which almost equals to your cardio activity. So, not only you are doing something you enjoy but also it is good for your health.

· Economical

Be able to get your dream boat, you may need to work for years and save your money. Instead of spending too much effort to enjoy fishing, it is better to give almost a quarter price of the boat and get your kayak purchasing for something affordable but also work to serve the same service.
People who choose kayak as an option of fishing are generally the ones who are bored and tired of spending so much effort being in the offshore with their boats. If the time has come for you to change something in your action, it is time to get the kayak and start a new journey. But before you start, I suggest you be aware of what you need to know about them before getting one. After you know that what you need, it is super easy to get one from Amazon then go-ahead to take pleasure from your new toy!

Choosing the Proper Fishing Kayak for You

There is two preference before buying a kayak. You can either rent a kayak or buy and own it. In the beginning, people generally prefer rent and see if they want to buy one or the better fit for them. Some of the local kayak shops provide demo kayak days to let you see which one you would like to be in. Again, if you cannot explain yourself clearly, about why you buy it, what kinds of features you want, demo days can be a disappointment for you. Honestly, it is also a helpful and better option to read this article then decide which kayak is your type. Eventually, all you need to do is go to the Amazon website and get one!

1. Sit-Inside Kayak or Sit-On-Top Kayak?

The biggest decision you will make is will you pick up the sit-inside or sit-on-top kayak. Let’s see what’s the difference between the two of them and which one to choose. Sit-on-top kayaks are good options if you are a beginner. Due to using sit-on-top kayaks are easier to control, most of the people are going with sit-on-tops. Another reason why sit-on-top kayaks are desirable because they are safe. It is simple to get back on the kayak if you fall off from it for some reason.

The second option is the sit-inside kayaks. This option is also a great choice if you are fishing in cooler water and do not want to fall. To feel dry while paddling, you may choose sit-inside kayaks. Also, they are faster than the sit-on-tops. But the key point is if you fall when you are in the sit-inside, probably to go back to normal conditions will take lots of time and processes. Because when it flips, it is hard to remove it. It has also swamp possibility, which means when it flips everything you put inside of it can go into the water and it will be hard for you to protect your kayak from swamping.

It is better to know your capacity and ability before your decision. One more tool you will require if you are going with sit-inside kayaks. In the case of a wave rising, if you want to protect yourself and your items from water, you have to seal your kayak with spray skirts. It is good to keep this in mind.

TIP: Spray Skirts

When cooler weathers come, you may need spray skirts. Maybe it is hard to feel the danger in the good weather conditions, but if the weather is windy and the temperature of the water is cold, you will need a spray skirt. Because waves may wash over the deck so you can lose, your stabilization and your kayak may swamp. It is always better to be prepared for the worst. And they can seem complicated but once you get one, you will seek his comfort every time you fish!

# Ocean Kayak Malibu Two Tandem Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak // Price: 594$

This sit-on-top kayak is one of the best sellers of Amazon. It has three seating positions and also available to use with solo, tandem, or tandem paddling with your child or your pet. It has footwells for you to settle your feet comfortably to have your balance. Its maximum capacity is 425 pounds, measures 12 feet long and 34 inches wide. It provides a lifetime guarantee with two different color options. If you want to get your life jacket and purchase them together, Amazon is also giving a good deal for this. You can get a life jacket for 45$ and keep yourself safe and enjoy your fishing.

Drift Sun Sculpin 12.5 Foot Long Rotomolded Sit-In Kayak, Includes Smart Track Foot Operated Rudder, Paddle, and Rod Holder // Price: 899$

This sit-inside kayak lets you stay in control of every movement get you in the right direction even in the windy bad weather conditions. It has a small storage unit to keep your gears or your necessaries dry. It is easy to remove this unit so it gives you a comfortable chance to bring something out of it. The good thing about this kayak is you do not need to pay extra for paddle and rudder because they come with it. Its length 12 feet and weight 25 kgs. It has a 1-year guarantee. Again, one of the Amazon’s bestseller with its 4.5 stars.

2. Longer or Shorter?

The second question you need to figure out is do you want to have a longer kayak or shorter? So this question brings one more decision to make do you want to have faster kayak or mora stable one? Long and narrow kayaks are faster while shorter kayaks are more stable. If you want to feel balanced and going for fly fishing short, wide and stable kayak will be just what you are looking for. If you want to be in the offshore, you may want to get the narrow, longer kayak to have control on the water more efficiently.

3. Paddle or Pedal?

The other choice you will make is, do you want pedal kayak or do you want to paddle a kayak. Generally, kayaks use the power of paddles. But now Amazon and also other kayaks stores are offering pedal kayaks because people want to use their hands while fishing and it is easy to use your feet to move kayak instead of using your arm both for fishing and moving. The disadvantage of these kinds of kayaks is they are heavier and it is harder to make maneuvers as than using the paddle ones. You need to know that wider kayaks need longer paddles and short paddles or more usable with narrow and long kayaks. The good thing to know is your pedal can break. It is always better to have a paddle with you as back up. Here are some pedal and paddle options that you can purchase from Amazon.

Best Marine Kayak Fishing Paddle Accessories // Price: 99$

The two features that you need to look for in the paddle is, it should be light and durable. Best Marine paddles made from carbon fiber and it provides a good experience to all skill levels. Besides, paddle shafts are going to be important when you get one. This product has a soft and smooth feeling for your hands. The shafts are also adjustable to different positions. A very important feature that this paddle has, it has a cutout and a hook to help you remove your lures and give you a better opportunity to move on the kayak.

 Fest Night 2Pcs Adjustable Locking Kayak Foot Braces Pedals with Tail Rudder Foot Control Direction Steering System Tool Kit // Price: 66.99$

It is easy to operate and change such kinds of these products. You can change your direction without going out of your kayak. Also, you can lock it into the place where you want. You can use it for kayak, angling boat, or canoe. Feel your hands-free and let your legs begin to work.

4. What is Your Skill Level?

The skill level is a good point to touch. There is some type of kayaks for beginners and different kinds of kayaks for skilled fishers. So, if you are a novice it will be better to use wide, small kayaks which have more stability so that you may have a chance to control it easily. Sit-on-top kayaks will be much better for your fishing activity. However, if you already had experience in fishing with kayak, there are options for experienced people, too. Here are the Amazon options for beginners and experienced.

Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak // Price: 999$

This kayak provides good quality and lifetime usage. It has adjustable seatback so the first thing you feel will be a comfort when you are inside of it. The critical point is this product is giving exceptional stability and tracking. That is why it is recommended for beginners. It will be easier to use until you get used to it. It is just 49 pounds so it will be super light for you to haul anywhere you want.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS // Price: 75$

This sit-inside kayak is a great choice for your first purchase. It is also durable and light. So, it doesn’t make any struggle for you to use, carry, and store. It has accessories to tow it from back so it will save your time and energy before meeting with the waters. There is even a water bottle slot right next to the cockpit. I can say that everything is already had taught for you. All you need is to enjoy your quality time. It is also super affordable if you compare it with other kayak prices. Your money will not be wasted if you are a beginner and cannot decide which one to choose.

Old Town Vapor 10 // Price: 55$

If you are looking for something affordable but at the same time still want to fix, this kayak is a good option for you. It does not have a storage place but it is still light and comfortable. If you are an angler who knows what he/she is doing, you can feel the control under your arms and use this kayak without any hesitation! It has a big open cockpit so that means you can even bring your dog with you for fishing. Seat and footpegs are adjustable. It is for the ones who know what they are doing because it is not watertight. So, you need to be ready for an alert anytime and deal with the waves with your experience.

TIP: Customize Your Seat

Producers make seat proper for everyone. So, your seat can be big for you, it can be too low to sit or too wide. Because of this, most of the people will want to add thin foam padding to make the seat better for themselves. But there are some kayaks which give you adjusting the seat option. It is better to get one and make it not only flexible but also comfortable.

5. Which Kayak Color?

This is a frequently asked question of what kayak buyers are asking. It is not that simple to choose the color of your kayak because there are a few factors need to be considered apart from how it looks and how stylish it is. There is two kayak color that well-experienced anglers suggest. One is yellow and the other one is camo. I can say that two of them almost have the same reasons, which makes them desirable. Some of the colors get fishes attention more and they are moving to the surface to look for it. This is something beyond anglers want. After a fish come to the surface there is nothing much you need to do more. So it is good to have a kind of neon color on the water such as yellow.

Yet, there is a very important difference between these two colors. If you are fishing in the cloudy days and visibility of other people is hard, it is better to have a neon color kayak to be recognizable. So, it is important to make your kayak visible in the water, especially if a motor is approaching you. It can be a huge accident if there is no visibility. However, the camo is not giving this chance to you. Red and blue colors also have the same effect on the water. It is easy to disappear in the water with these colors due to other people will not have clear sight. Of course, you can prefer different color options and go fishing if the weather is not cloudy or just take the risk and ignore the weather. But, if you don’t want to think about all these and go fishing anytime you want it will be better to get neon colors such as lime, green or bright orange.

6. What to Wear While Kayaking?

Rules of kayak fishing clothing are almost the same as other outdoor activities. You need to wear something durable, comfortable, and flexible. Does not matter what you wear, always have your flotation device with you and do not take it off until you step on the land. Secondly, you need to consider water temperature instead of the weather. Because you will feel the water temperature more than air. Wear something made from UPF-fabric and protect yourself from unhealthy sunrays.

Also, avoid cotton products. Because cotton absorbs all the water inside of it and can not get dry quickly. You need to look for something, which gets dry quickly such as nylon or polyester that means something made from synthetic fabric. Additionally, your comfort will be more important than anything else. Try to wear something that you feel comfortable in it. Avoid metal things on your clothing such as zippers, fasteners, etc. Because water, especially salty water is not good with metal parts.

Footwear is the other important subject to talk about. Neoprene paddling booties are the perfect choices because they are lightweight and water-ready. Avoid anything without a strap because they can flip from you for so easily. So, you can have some hard times while you are in the middle of something and can not focus on your main purpose. If the conditions are okay to do this, you can wear waterproof socks, or noncotton socks inside of your shoes and feel dry and pleasant.

As a conclusion, fishing kayaks are good to have to get better results from your fishing activity. You will not only have a good time while fishing but also it will be more professional for you to fish with your different fishing items. Being on the water and get close to the surface will bring the best perspective to your fishing and you will go back to your home with more fishes, satisfied and a better mindset that you have never felt before.

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