Fishing Magnet Kits: What Do You Need to Have for Magnetic Fishing?

Magnet fishing is a great hobby for people who like to spend time at sea, quite similar to metal prospecting, but basically the same logic as metal prospecting on land. The magnet and system used are different. There is a must-have kit to get started with magnet fishing. You can find very valuable materials in this kit, which is not very costly.

As with any hobby, there are some basic items you need to start magnet fishing. As you become professional, the number of tools and accessories in your kit will certainly increase. Of course, the most important is the magnet itself. There are magnets on the market in many different sizes and with very different attractive strengths. The best magnet is a small size but a quite strong magnet. For this reason, neodymium magnets are generally used. They are the strongest magnets on the market.

Single-Sided Magnet

Single-sided magnets are the most common and preferred magnets in the market. They are usually quite small in size. You would be surprised at the size and weight of the items they pull, even though they are so small. The magnetic force is very strong. Especially if you are a beginner, it will be useful to choose such magnets. It is actually quite advantageous to start with such magnets. It is quite compact and at the same time quite powerful. Guaranteed to pull any precious metals you find under the water.

Double-Sided Magnet

Double-sided magnets, where you will halve the strength of your magnet while doubling the number of magnets, may seem like a disadvantage, but they give you a huge advantage. The strength of the magnets may be weaker than the strength of single-sided magnets, but this should not detract from your magnet fishing hobby in any way. Thanks to the double-sided magnets, you can grab small metals directly and have a clue about large metals, because it works underwater with the logic of minesweeping on land. After collecting the small metals around, you will pave the way for great treasure. You may also need to use a stronger magnet to get the largest piece. That’s why it is always recommended to have both single-sided and double-sided magnets.

Grappling Hook

If your purpose in magnet fishing is to find and collect great treasures, a hook is an item you definitely need. It provides convenience when pulling your large and valuable underwater finds above the water. When you have a strong magnet, there will be no material you can’t pull from underwater, but sometimes you can’t pull it towards the water. At this point, getting help from a hook would be a logical move. It helps you to grasp and shoot your find from different angles.

Strong Rope

If you don’t have a strong rope, it won’t matter if your magnet or hook is strong. In fact, the most important part of your magnetic fishing kit is a strong rope. Nylon paracords will provide you with the strength and durability you need. Both highly durable and highly flexible, this type of thread is perfect for magnetic fishing thanks to its high abrasion resistance and durability. Considering that you do this hobby in more turbid and polluted waters instead of clear waters, you cannot deny that you will need a strong rope in areas where you cannot see the bottom of the water clearly. You can easily pull items that can be pulled by a trailer with these light and thin ropes. Thanks to the sensitivity of the rope, the pulling feedback you get allow you to easily pull the desired item up. This pull feedback lets you know if something is caught on the tip of your magnet or if the magnet itself is stuck somewhere. You should choose the paracord you need from different lengths, different thicknesses, and different flexibility that you can find in the market. Depending on the attraction power of your magnet, the type of paracord may change. It would be in your best interest to purchase a minimum of 100 feet of paracord.

Waterproof/Cut Resistant Gloves

Gloves are also one of the must-have tools. In fact, they do the most important job in the kit, protecting your hands. We can also say that it is a tool that reminds you that your health is also important. Your hands also need protection when pulling magnets of that weight onto the water. Because these materials are often rusty or sharp. Although the poles themselves are not rusty or sharp, they sometimes have objects such as nails on them. These can damage your hand. In order to prevent this situation and to magnetic fish more safely, you should make waterproof and cut-resistant gloves an indispensable part of your kit. In addition to protection, it provides a better grip and allows you to pull items to the surface of the water more easily.


Although carabiners are not must-haves, they are one of the tools that will be very useful to you. In short, if you have the opportunity, you should not have a reason not to buy it. This metal clip has many different uses. Easy to put on and take off. There are two different types of a screw or push down. The benefit of having it in your magnetic fishing kit allows you to easily change your magnet. When you attach one end of your rope to your magnet and the other end to the carabiner, you will be able to easily change your magnet when it’s time to change, thanks to its easy-opening feature. The only point you need to pay attention to is to make sure that it is connected correctly and tightly.


It is a fairly simple but sometimes overlooked tool. You will need it to carry the materials you collect and the tools you have. A 5-gallon bucket will do. You can find it easily everywhere. Besides serving as a box to carry your belongings, you can also use the box as a chair by turning it upside down during your magnetic fishing. It would be more beneficial to have at least two buckets because you will want to separate the precious metals and trash you have drawn from the bottom of the water.


Knives will be your greatest helper at many different points. You can cut off an unnecessary piece of wrapping around your magnet, clean any debris from your magnet, or break a knot. The type of knife is also important for this. Having a sharp and useful knife will give you many advantages and practicality during magnetic fishing.

Flathead Screwdriver

A flathead screwdriver will help you clean your magnet and free it from sticking materials. Because the higher the cleaning rate of your magnet, the greater the pulling power. Although it is a tool that is debatable how necessary it is, it is an undeniable fact that it will come in handy at some point.

Few more Accessories

In addition to the must-have tools, there are also a few different tools that will be useful for you to take with you. You may also want to have items such as insect protection, a hat, sunscreen, or a raincoat with you. Because you will spend your hours outside and you may never know what surprises the weather and nature will prepare for you. In addition to all this, with time and practice, you will realize that maybe there is more that you need. Perhaps you will realize that even what you have is actually unnecessary. This is entirely up to you.

How to Attach a Rope to a Fishing Magnet

There are many different ways and methods of tying a rope to a fishing magnet. At this point, you can tie your rope more tightly with many different knots. Because the most important thing is that the knot you tie is tight and will not open. You don’t want your magnet to come off by its rope in the water.

Palomar knot is the most preferred knot type for magnetic fishing. Since it is a very strong and tight knot type, it is generally preferred in fishing activities. Even if you don’t know how to tie this knot, you can solve this tiny problem with the videos you watch online. There are many videos that are easy to follow.

Things to Keep in Mind About Your Rope

The most important point you should pay attention to when buying rope is the length of the rope you will buy. You don’t want your magnet and treasure to go deeper and get lost in deep waters. Or if it is not long enough, you can’t even get it to go all the way to the bottom. It is also highly recommended to attach a carabiner to the end of your rope even in deep waters. Also, be careful not to wrap the rope around your waist. It is not even sincere that you lose your balance and drown in the depths of water while trying to shoot a fairly heavy material.

It will be beneficial to check your rope regularly before each magnet fishing activity. Because it may be torn or damaged and you may not even be aware of it. There are some situations that you should pay attention to when storing your rope when you are not using it. You should keep it away from direct sunlight, ice, dirt, algae, or any heat source. Before storing your rope, you should make sure that it is completely dry and clean, like any other tool in your kit.

How to Magnet Fishing Without Injuring Yourself or Anyone

Although it may not sound so dangerous at first, it is an activity that can become quite dangerous for people who have no knowledge and experience. The adhesion and tensile strength of magnets is an issue that should not be underestimated and, on the contrary, should be given great attention. In addition, there are a few different situations that you should pay attention to.

  • Casting the Magnet: How you throw the magnet into the water, how you make the first shot creates the greatest probability for accidents. You can easily hit yourself or those around you. You can also harm aquatic animals. That’s why you should make sure that there are no living things around and in the water that you could possibly harm. Especially if you are magnet fishing on a bridge, you have to be extra careful. Because there may be boats, swimmers, and sea creatures that you cannot see with your eyes. Be careful not to pull your magnet too deep and into rocks. Because fish usually lay their eggs in those areas and you have to pay attention to this in order not to disturb the continuity of the marine habitat.

  • Rope – a tripping hazard: While the length of your rope is actually quite important, it is also a situation that can create danger. It can wrap around you, snag anyone around you, or become a hazard by getting caught in the wheels of wheeled vehicles such as bicycles and roller skates. In order to prevent this situation, you should always keep the non-water end of the rope in a safe area where you can see it with your eyes. You should even hold it in your hand if possible.
  • Cuts and bruises: It is very important that your magnet is sticky and has a strong attraction force. However, if you are an inexperienced person, this poses a risk of injury. That’s why wearing protective gloves is so important. You should choose gloves that are cut-resistant, waterproof, and can be easily washed and cleaned after magnetic fishing. While trying to separate your magnet and the material you found, jams can occur that can cause serious bruising. Even breakage can be seen depending on the pulling power of the magnet. In addition to all these, it is very important to use gloves to protect yourself from the sharp materials you shoot. Considering that the benefits of using gloves are quite high, investing in a quality glove will benefit you in the long run.
  • Chipping or breaking of the magnet: Although magnets are quite strong, they are materials that are likely to break. The coating of your magnet may become damaged after a period of use. They can also break as a result of this damage and wear. It is useful to regularly check your magnet. You may have to change it from time to time.
  • Magnet detaching from the catch: It is a point where the weight and size of the material you are trying to pull are very important. Because if it is a heavy or larger material than your magnet will attract, it may separate from the magnet or break the rope it is attached to during pulling up. This usually happens suddenly. If it happens suddenly, it can cause you to lose your balance and fall into the water. That’s why it is a good idea to pull your rope by tying it somewhere or to check your whole kit before starting magnetic fishing.
  • Dangerous findings: You will never guess what you might find in the depths of the water. While finding valuable materials, it is also quite possible to find dangerous items. That’s why you have to be extremely careful. When encountering items such as explosive objects, unexploded bombs, loaded guns, you should call the police directly without touching them. You should never touch these items without police supervision. The most logical move you can do until the police arrive is to carefully place the item you pulled out of the water in a very suitable place to prevent the explosion. After placing it, you should move away from its relatives. It will be sufficient to be at a distance to prevent others from coming and at a distance to prevent harm to yourself. In addition to the possibility of explosion, rust and dirt caused by being in the water for a long time can also be harmful to your health. Besides explosive objects, you can also find very valuable items. These can even be antiques. At this point, you should contact the police.

What Kinds of Places Should You Go for Magnet Fishing?

You can do magnet fishing in any pond and body of water you can think of. These water bodies include rivers, lakes, seas, streams, streams, canals, dams, and ponds. The best magnetic fishing places are closer to residential areas or frequented by people. Because you are more likely to find valuable treasures in such areas. If you wish, you can also search in sewers or marshes, but it is not recommended at all.

You can find valuable materials in rural as well as urban areas. In rural areas, you have to watch out for wells and sewers. In addition, you can find finds and treasures dating back many years in the rivers close to old villages and towns.

Grtard 1200LBS Fishing Magnet Kit, Fishing Magnets Pulling-Includes Grappling Hook, Heavy Duty 65FT Rope, Gloves & Locking Carabiner, Threadlocker, and Waterproof Carry Case – 3.55inch Diameter

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You will be amazed by what you have after purchasing this great fishing magnet kit. Everything is exactly how they are described. After having this top-quality kit, the only thing you need to is deciding where you want to go in order to discover what is going on under the water. The magnets are strong enough to pull out everything they stick. It is a kit that provides safety while having fun. Overall, it is a great investment. Logui Complete Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit – 1000 LB Magnet Pull (2 Fishing Magnets 500 LB Combined) – with Grappling Hook, Heavy Duty 65FT Rope, Gloves, Locking Carabiner – Fishing Magnet Kit: Industrial & Scientific 

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