Fishing Magnets (Magnetic Fishing)

Fishing magnets are mostly known as magnet fishing. With its name, magnet fishing is a combination of treasure hunting and environmentalism. For participants, the goal is to find objects that are strong enough to pull from the water. Many of these are usually discarded weapons and car tires. A magnet fishing technique involves using gloves and a strong neodymium magnet to secure a rope to a durable surface.

Magnetic fishing consists of many different components. It is considered a hobby and is a combination of environmentalism and treasure hunting. Of course, many different magnets are also used, because of the fact that magnets of different strengths are needed in order to collect metals of different weights in the environment.

Fishing magnets are generally used to find and catch ferrous metal objects that are hidden, lost, submerged, or dropped underwater. They are very strong magnets. Lake, pond, river, or ocean, regardless of the type of water, you can search for something lost or do it as a hobby. A strong magnet on a strong rope will come in handy and be very useful.

In a way, magnet fishing can be thought of like treasure hunting under the sea. If you are an impatient person, we can say that it is definitely not for you. Because after all, you have a large puddle in front of you and a small piece of magnet in your hand. We can say that magnet fishermen are divided into two groups. These can be positioned as treasure hunters and tool droppers.

  • Treasure hunters: We can summarize the treasure hunters on land as those who are also in search of the sea. They hope to find interesting material. The materials they find are sometimes very valuable, sometimes historically interesting, sometimes very rare, or sometimes meaningless.
  • Tool droppers: They are not after valuable or rare materials. They mostly find items that have been dropped or lost in the short term. They do not need very strong threads and very strong magnets.

Fishing magnets play a great role in removing all kinds of items, from large remains such as bicycles, guns, safes, bombs, car rims to small items such as coins or jewelry. People who do this job as a hobby are more likely to find rare valuable items.

Although it is not known exactly where, how and for what purpose magnet fishing started, it is thought that it emerged when fishermen and boaters rescued their keys that fell into the water and started to develop tools for this job. Thanks to the English rugby player James Haskell, it started to be made and adopted as a hobby. This hobby is generally done thanks to powerful neodymium magnets fixed on a durable rope. In addition to the magnets, a hook is also added when necessary. The rope used is durable up to 15 to 30 meters.

Some environmentalists worry that the practice of magnet fishing can disturb archaeological sites and expose people to toxic materials. Because they are worried that the objects that are moved contain toxic substances and that these toxic substances mix into the water and soil. We cannot say that these concerns were in vain. Because dangerous objects such as loaded guns and unexploded bombs have been found before.

Neodymium magnets used in magnet fishing are strong enough to pose a health risk. If you have a heart condition and have pacemakers in your heart, magnet fishing is a hobby you should not choose. Besides, if you are not careful, your fingers may be under these heavy magnets and be damaged. This means a serious injury. As far as we know until today, 2 cases of drowning under these magnets have been recorded.

Magnet Fishing and The Law

Depending on the jurisdiction and the geography in which it is found, if a precious metal is found during magnetic fishing, it may not belong to the finder but to the local government of the geography where it is found.

  • England and Wales: The Canal & River Trust has bylaws that prevent people from magnet-fishing. These regulations apply to anyone who removes material from the river or canal that they own. Magnet fishing in this geography is shaped according to local regulations. You may therefore have to pay a £25 fine for any illegal activity. Although it is not a huge amount, it is a deterrent amount. There are also greater sanctions on some high seas. There are penalties up to imprisonment.
  • Germany: There are lighter sanctions for unauthorized magnet fishing in German waters. Fines are imposed in Hamburg.
  • Belgium: In Belgium, amateur magnet-fishermen helped the police by recovering weapons and ammunition related to the recent killings in Brabant.
  • United States: While there are no federal laws restricting metal fishing in the USA, regulations restricting this type of fishing are only at the state and county level. There is no regulation supported by law, except that it is prohibited in some places of historical importance or on government lands.

Which Magnets Should You Use for Magnet Fishing?

If you want to experience quality magnet fishing, you should remember that you must have a strong and quality magnet. It is quite natural to encounter different names while on this searching process. As you can imagine, the most commonly used terms are fishing and owning magnets. You should also keep in mind that magnets have different names and different types. Purchasing it according to your needs will be to your advantage and will make your job easier. The reason for the existence of many different names is the different naming of the people who are engaged in magnet fishing. They named it as they thought fit. Of course, besides all these, there are some points that you should pay attention to when buying magnets.

  • Treasure hunters: They are the most suitable and most preferred magnets to start magnet fishing. It resembles the shape of a deep pot. There is a long saucepan around the magnet and this prevents the materials in the pot from falling again, making it easier to collect. It is usually sold as a set. The string and eyelet are included in the set. In addition to their functionality, they have very reasonable prices. Thanks to the shape of the pot, the falling of the found material are prevented, while the possibility of catching other items on the rope is reduced. For a beginner in magnet fishing, magnets with a strength of 30 or 45 kg are usually recommended.
  • Fishing magnet: It is the type of magnet generally preferred by professional magnet fishermen or women. It has two contact surfaces. Therefore, it increases your chances of catching material. These magnets are usually the first choice of those who are engaged in magnet fishing as a hobby.
  • Ring magnets: Although they have a very different shape and are thought to be unsuitable, they are a type of magnet that is also very suitable for magnet fishing. The ring shape allows the magnet to have the same attraction force on all sides. This allows easy pulling of materials even in hidden corners. In addition to these advantages and usefulness, the use of a raw magnet without any coating or protection requires special care, as the magnet can easily break and injure you. This type of ring magnets can also be called scanning magnets because as we mentioned above, they can easily enter all hidden corners and pull even invisible metals.
  • Pot magnets: Although the main uses are very different, perforated pot magnets are also used in magnet fishing. They have very high and strong magnetic power. They allow you to find and retrieve great treasures. This is actually a huge advantage. In addition to this advantage, they are magnets that are likely to bend and go off course as they are dragged deeper. It is a situation that will prevent the desired power from directing to the bottom of the water and finding the sought material. Still, it is the most preferred type of magnet for finding great treasures.

How Can You Carry and Store a Fishing Magnet?

While the magnet itself is a material that needs to be stored carefully and in a safe place, this has become a more important issue for large and powerful magnets used for magnet fishing. Due to the high adhesion forces of these magnets, which are stored and transported in inappropriate conditions, it is inevitable that they will stick to undesirable surfaces and it is often experienced. Care must be taken to avoid this situation.

In addition to sticking to undesirable surfaces, they can cause deterioration of credit cards and magnetic strips on cards of that type due to their strong magnetic power. These demagnetized cards become unusable because of the fact that you do not carry them properly. That’s why you should always make sure to keep your wallet or cardholder away from these magnets while fishing magnets.

If you have a device such as a pacemaker or a hearing aid that you carry in your body and that is used for your health, you have to be extra careful while fishing magnets because these magnets with high magnetic attraction can greatly damage such devices and affect your health in a bad way.

Considering all these risks, you should not forget that you have to be very careful when you are not using your magnets or during transportation. There are several different ways for this. All you have to do is to choose the right and easiest way for you.

Before storing your fishing magnets safely, you should also make sure that they are completely dry. Magnets stored wet and dirty will rust over time and begin to lose their magnetic strength. In addition, you should always keep in mind that you should always take care to keep it out of the reach of children.

Where Is Magnet Fishing Allowed and Where Prohibited?

Whether magnet fishing is allowed in European countries is still a matter of debate and the result has not been clarified. There are rules and regulations that vary on the basis of countries in the continent. These regulations should be especially taken into account. That’s why you should carefully study and learn about the laws and regulations of the state where you will go fishing before you set off with your magnets. If you have any doubts, you should not hesitate to consult the local police.

Leaving the continent of Europe aside, you should remember that magnet fishing is not allowed in all waters in the world. Privately owned water bodies, natural and historical areas and areas under state protection are waters that are closed to magnet fishing. There are even major sanctions on some points. Therefore, it is very important that you comply with the laws, rules, and regulations at these points.

What Magnetic Strength Should a Fishing Magnet Have?

The maximum force available under existing conditions represents the most ideal precipitation force for magnets. This is definitely a point you should keep in mind and is very important. The surface of the material you are trying to pull from the bottom of the water is also very important here. Therefore, the stronger your magnet has, the more beneficial it will be for you.

Another point you should pay attention to when trying to have an idea about the magnet’s pulling power is the water pressure. Water pressure is much higher than air pressure. This means that the pressure applied to the material you want to pull upwards will also be quite high. If you have any doubts or you are not sure about the pulling power of the magnets, it would be useful to buy a magnet with at least 30 kg of pulling power.

In today’s world, it is possible to find magnets with a wide range of magnetic power in the market. Please do not be under the illusion that as the magnet’s pulling power increases, the value of the material you will remove from the bottom of the water will also increase. At some point, this is just luck. The fact that the magnet pulls the material up is all about sticking to the material. As long as the magnet does not stick, it will not be possible to pull that material to the surface of the water.

In addition to all these, there may be crushing and injury by very strong magnets. For this reason, it is recommended that you do not buy magnets that you cannot lift or pull. It is therefore recommended not to use magnets with an attraction force of more than 400 kg. This type of magnet is used by professionals and when absolutely certain that there is a material or treasure under the water.

Neosmuk Fishing Magnet, 300 lb Pull Strong Magnets Heavy Duty Big Rare Earth Magnet, 2” Large Magnet for Remover, Super Neodymium High Power Magnet with Handle for Tag, Shop, Lifting and Pick up

It is a very impressive and strong magnet that is going to amaze you. It is super powerful, strong, durable, and sturdy. It is made with the latest technology and generation of super-strong earth magnets. It allows you to pull more than 300 pounds. After purchasing this one, you will not need another one forever. This will be your permanent magnet. Its magnetic power lasts forever. It has 4 layers of coating that show excellent anti-corrosive and scratch-resistance properties. It is a very good alternative for fishing magnets. You will be very satisfied with what you have. Neosmuk Fishing Magnet, 300 lb Pull Strong Magnets Heavy Duty Big Rare Earth Magnet, 2” Large Magnet for Remover, Super Neodymium High Power Magnet with Handle for Tag, Shop, Lifting and Pick up: Industrial & Scientific

Empire of Electronics Magnet Fishing Kit, Strong 1000 lb Magnetic Fishing Kit with Rope, 9 Piece Complete Set, Neodymium Fishing Magnet Kit for Salvage & Treasure Hunting in Rivers, Oceans & Lakes

It is a kit that includes everything you need for magnetic fishing. If you have a hobby like that, this will be your best friend for sure. It will make you feel like a professional. It includes a pull-force magnet, fishing rope, carabiner, bottle of thread locker, a pair of tough, cut-resistant gloves, a plastic scraper, a microfiber towel, a mesh bag, and a free e-book that you can gel help and support anytime you need. If you are a treasure hunter, this is exactly what you need. You can find valuable and expensive metals and materials with this set in any kind of water such as rivers, lakes, oceans, and even more. The free e-book that comes with the set makes you a professional. So, it will be worth using it. Magnet Fishing Kit, Strong 1000 lb Magnetic Fishing Kit with Rope, 9 Piece Complete Set, Neodymium Fishing Magnet Kit for Salvage & Treasure Hunting in Rivers, Oceans & Lakes: Industrial & Scientific

D-Dakin 440lbs Pull Force Super Strong Fishing Magnets, Heavy Duty Rare Earth Magnet N52 Neodymium Magnets with 35ft Thick Durable Rope, Powerful Magnet Fishing, and Magnetic Recovery Salvage

If you recently started magnetic fishing, it is a perfect alternative for you. It meets beginners’ needs with its affordable price. It does not go very deep under the water but goes enough deeply since you are not doing this as a job. It comes with protective gloves which is a great offer for beginners. Both magnets and gloves are made of high-quality materials. It comes with a carrying bag as well in order to carry and store magnets safely. With necessary and efficient protection, it doesn’t lose its magnetic power forever. Overall, it is a great investment in the beginning. 440lbs Pull Force Super Strong Fishing Magnets, Heavy Duty Rare Earth Magnet N52 Neodymium Magnets with 35ft Thick Durable Rope, Powerful Magnet Fishing and Magnetic Recovery Salvage: Industrial & Scientific

VNDUEEY Complete Fishing Magnet Kit, Fishing Magnets 1000 LBS Pulling-Includes Grappling Hook, Heavy Duty 65FT Rope, Gloves & Locking Carabiner, Threadlocker and Waterproof Carry Case – 2.95inch Diameter

It is a well-packed and high-quality magnet kit that includes everything you need for magnetic fishing. There are many advantages of using this kit. You can clean lakes and rivers around you from unnecessary materials thanks to this kit. It has a different feature that you cannot easily find in other kits which is that the magnet can be switched for two-sided pulls and bottom pulls at the same time. It comes with a grappling hook which is very cool and convenient. It comes with a box to keep everything in one place safely. It is highly recommended for all ages and anyone who wants to go magnet fishing. Complete Fishing Magnet Kit, Fishing Magnets 1000 LBS Pulling-Includes Grappling Hook, Heavy Duty 65FT Rope, Gloves & Locking Carabiner,Threadlocker and Waterproof Carry Case – 2.95inch Diameter: Industrial & Scientific 

FINDMAG Fishing Magnets 1000 LBS Magnet Fishing Kit with Rope, Premium Fishing Magnet Kit for Retrieving Items in River, Lake, Beach, Lawn – 3.54inch Diameter

It is very easy to set up a fishing kit that turns your magnetic fishing experience into an enjoyable hobby. Even if you are a beginner, you will feel like a professional thanks to this convenient and useful kit. It is highly light weighted and extremely durable. It is made of high-quality material that makes it a great starter kit. It is very ideal for fishing, lifting, and hanging. You can find whatever you want or whatever there is in rivers, lakes, wells, or ponds. It comes with fishing gloves, steel carabiners, durable nylon rope, thread locker, and scrapers. You need to keep this away from pacemakers and be careful in order not to hurt your fingers. Parental supervision is extremely important if you are going fishing with your family. It is a magnet that does everything that is supposed to do. You will be very satisfied with the product you have. The only downside would be that you may need a longer rope for deeper places. FINDMAG Fishing Magnets 1000 LBS Magnet Fishing Kit with Rope, Premium Fishing Magnet Kit for Retrieving Items in River, Lake, Beach, Lawn – 3.54inch Diameter: Industrial & Scientific

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