Fishing Season: Which type of fish should be Fished in which season?

With the arrival of autumn and the start of the fishing season, the sweet rush in the fish stalls is reflected on your dining tables. But there are many things you should know beforehand. As you know, all kinds of fish are now in danger of extinction. This is mostly due to the irresponsibility of all of us as consumers and of course the fishermen. For this reason, let’s learn what to pay attention to in fishing, fishing calendar, fishing season, and fish sizes that can be fished according to the laws, let’s stop disturbing the balance of nature completely so that we will be fed well.

September means to fish for us, and for fishermen, of course, the fishing season. The seas sailed in the early hours of the morning and a period that is desired to pass with abundance. Well, why there is such a thing as fishing season, let’s explain a little bit right away.

In fact, what is at stake is not only fish but also a regulation regarding the catch of fishery products. This is an application that is made so that the beautiful aquatic creatures do not go extinct and disappear from the seas just so that we can eat them. During the period when fishing is prohibited, all aquatic creatures, especially fish, are aimed to reproduce, their populations do not decrease and even increase because there is no hunting. Of course, it is not possible to catch every fish just because the fishing season has started. The fish to be hunted must reach the dimensions that it should actually be. It is also a requirement for a fish to have at least once bred to be caught.

Therefore, it is necessary to know well which fish should be in which size when the fishing season starts. If your hand is too far away to be worth the fishing rod, don’t think “I don’t know that doesn’t change anything,” because you can actually change a lot. If you think the fish are smaller than they should be at any counter you go to buy fish, you do not need to have a meter on hand to measure. You can immediately call the authorities to give notice, you can complain about all kinds of illegal fishing.

At the same time, no matter what, if you see that aquatic creatures that are prohibited from hunting were caught, you should immediately let authorities know, and do not let anyone disturb the order of the seas and the balance of nature. After all, there is no point in draining the seas and ending the generations of fish, just because we will eat fish and eat healthily.

Saltwater fish legally catchable minimum dimensions:

  • Anchovy> 9 cm
  • Tabby> 11 cm
  • Sardines> 11 cm
  • Kidney Beans> 13 cm
  • Horse mackerel> 13 cm
  • Haddock> 13 cm
  • Bluefish> 20 cm
  • Bonito> 25 cm
  • Bakalyaro> 25 cm
  • Shield> 45 cm
  • Sword fish> 125 cm

Legal catch for freshwater fish minimum size:

  • Perch> 18 cm
  • Siraz> 20 cm
  • Freshwater mullet> 20 cm
  • Trout> 25 cm
  • Velvet> 26 cm
  • Sudak> 26 cm
  • Catfish> 35 cm
  • Carp> 40 cm
  • Crane> 40 cm
  • Eel> 50 cm
  • Bow> 90 cm

Fish Types for Fishing By Months

  • January: Mackerel, bluefish, bonito, and horse mackerel retain their flavor. Gray mullet and anchovy are full fat. Small bluefish, mulberry, and whiting are easy to find. Red mullet and swallow have fished abundantly. Red mullet, swordfish, and coral are less fished.
  • February: Turbot season begins. Red mullet pops out profusely. Mackerel, bluefish, and bonito begin to lose their fat.
  • March: It is the most delicious time for mullet, sea bass, and turbot. Mackerel has tended to become skinny. It can be fried and cooked. Silverfish begin to fish a lot.
  • April: Kalkan comes first. Coral, perch, swordfish, and swallow begin to come out in abundance. Silverfish, mullet, whiting, hake, and red mullet are very popular.
  • May: Sea bass, red mullet, mullet, and scorpionfish are abundant.
  • June: It is an inefficient month in terms of fishing. Fish such as mullet, red mullet, coral, and perch are available but expensive.
  • July: Sardines season begins. Mackerel and horse mackerel become suitable for pan and boiling.
  • August: The Gypsy Acorn opens its season. It is the most delicious time for sardines. Again in this month, the taste of the swordfish will not be good enough. Mullets are not recommended to fish and eat.
  • September: Sardines and swordfish are delicious. Bonito gets bigger. Bluefish is expensive this period.
  • October: Bluefish is very delicious. Bonito comes out in abundance.
  • November: It is the best time for mackerel. Toric flow has begun to fish. This is the month when flounder is the most delicious.
  • December: Mackerel, bluefish, and bonito have grown bigger and tastier. It is the most crispy time of anchovy. Red mullets are fished in large quantities.

Which Fish Should Be Caught and Eaten in Which Season?

The season of each fish is different. The fish consumed in the required season become healthier and more delicious. How the fish is cooked is as important as consuming it at the right time. For this, it is useful to know the methods of cooking fish and how to cook which fish. You can easily keep track of which fish you can eat in which season thanks to a fish season table in your kitchen.


The most delicious time of Bonito is the period from the beginning of September to the end of November. Since bonito is very oily during this period, it tastes a little bad when cooked in a pan. For this reason, it would be much more correct to stay away from the pan cooking method and prefer to cook in the grill or oven. It can be panned in other seasons. Containing plenty of vitamin D, bonito is also considered rich in protein. When consumed regularly, this fish, which helps in protecting tooth and bone health, contains vitamins and minerals that protect hair health. Bonito is also very useful for eye health.


From mid-September to early December, bluefish is the fattiest and delicious time. In this period, grilling is recommended as a cooking method. Other times, depending on the size, stewing, steamed and paper kebab can be preferred. It is especially beneficial for children to consume bluefish because it protects heart health, contains substances that help keep the heart rhythm at a healthy level, and eliminates fatigue and weakness. Because it contains plenty of vitamin A, it is a very important fish species for both eye and tooth and bone health.

Gilt-head bream

In fact, gilt-head bream can be hunted and eaten in all seasons, but it is known that the most delicious time is between August and December. It will be much more delicious if it is cooked on the grill and in the oven. Steamed, grilled, soup, and cooking in the oven is also a very nice method to cook them.


The good news for mackerel lovers, mackerel can be hunted and eaten in all seasons. However, October and November are the most delicious times for mackerel. It is not recommended to be cooked in a pan as it will be very oily in these seasons. It is recommended to be consumed as grilled, paper kebab, stuffed, meatballs, and cooked while covered by salt.


Because of the fact that sea bass has very delicious meat, it is among the most fished and eaten fish. Both children and adults can enjoy eating it. It is recommended that the sea bass should be consumed between February and June when the best season is winter and early spring. Sea bass, which is a type of fish that is made of all kinds of dishes, is also steamed and baked paper kebab is ideal for those who are fond of taste buds. Sea bass is rich in vitamins and minerals. For this reason, it is important for health to consume plenty during the season. In particular, it plays an important role in balancing the fat ratio in the muscles. When consuming sea bass, attention should be paid to the recommended cooking method in order to preserve its beneficial properties.


Those who love mullet are lucky because they can prefer this fish in all seasons. However, if you wonder what time is the most delicious time, it can be said between July and October. You cannot get enough of it when you cook in a pan and paper kebab.


The most delicious season is between June and September. Depending on the taste of the sardine, it can be grilled, oven, paper kebab, and steamed. Those who want to eat sardines between November and June should prefer stewing and steam because it may not be as tasty as it is in its main season, even if it is made with other methods.

Red mullet

Red mullet is especially caught between July and October because it is the most delicious period. You can give a feast to yourself with the pan, grill, and paper kebab of the red mullet.


Grilled, oven, pan, paper kebab, steamed, and stews are very delicious and it is good to eat anchovy in November, December, January, and February. When anchovy is preferred as frying, you can get little use of its vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it will be healthier if it is steamed or cooked in the oven with vegetables. It is beneficial to consume plenty of omega-3 oil in anchovy because it is heart and vascular-friendly. Because it is rich in iodine, it is possible to provide the salt your body needs naturally by consuming anchovies. The anchovy should be eaten especially by children at a growing age because it is very beneficial for children who need minerals and vitamins in terms of intellectual development.

Horse mackerel

Horse mackerel, which comes to mind first when it comes to small fish and it is one of the most delicious fish, is among the most popular and eaten fish types. Since the most delicious time is November and March and it reaches its required size, horse mackerel are hunted and consumed much more during these periods.


You should definitely consume this fish between February and June. The meat of whiting is very delicious. Whiting contains plenty of B vitamins and zinc. The abundant amount of B vitamins that it contains protects brain health. In addition, whiting is also effective against cancer thanks to its large amount of folic acid.


Although it can be fished and eaten in all seasons of the year, it can be said that the most delicious period is February, March, and April. The fancier of turbot knows that it is very tasty when cooked in a pan. It can also be steamed.

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