Fly Fishing Mysteries

Regardless of whether it is professional or amateur, hobby or money-making, fly fishing mysteries is the most enjoyable and perhaps the only fun book to read for fishermen. The fishing mysteries covered in these books are the most compelling of these narrative genres. These books, novels, or epics, which are highly believed by some fishermen, are the genres that are highly preferred by such people, as we have just mentioned. There are some books that are easily achievable to tell those kinds of stories. You can find the most proper one for yourself or your loved ones among these ones.

The Gray Ghost Murders by Keith McCafferty

It all begins when Sheriff Martha Ettinger suspects murder. The only evidence they have is a hole in his skull. A bullet may or may not have caused it. In order to investigate this murder, he draws private detective Sean Stranahan on the case once again. This detective already has a fly fishing case. Many different elements are thought to be linked in this case. This published fly fishing mystery is one of the most remarkable works of its kind and has caught a large fan base.

Dead Man’s Fancy by Keith McCafferty

This novel tells the story of a woman also known as Fly Fishing Venus. This missing woman is named Nanika Martinelli. Sheriff Martha Ettinger tries to find the missing woman by following the animal tracks she finds. Meanwhile, he finds a man under a spell, stuck in a staghorn. It is unclear whether this was an accident or a murder. With the help of a private detective, Sheriff Ettinger deftly follows clues. You will witness many different themes and be caught between many different fires in this novel, which is one of the most dangerous adventures you will ever read.

Dead Angler by Victoria Houston 

Fishing is a way of life in some settlements. Northwoods/Wisconsin is one of these places. When the musks start to bite, life becomes more livable for the locals. Musks are also a kind of fly fishing species. Doc Osborne, who lives here, catches more fly fishing than he expected and ends up in the middle of a murder mystery he doesn’t want. The only person who can save him from there is Police Chief Lew Ferris.

Crazy Mountain Kiss by Keith McCafferty

Although the plot was set in April, houses with a Santa hat on their chimneys are depicted. Montana mountains with snow on their tops are described. When Santa Claus arrives, all he finds is the corpse of a young girl stuck in a chimney. Sheriff Martha Ettinger and her team identify this young girl as Cinderella “Cindy” Huntingdon. Cindy has been missing since November. Whether she was killed or trying to escape is still unknown. If she was running away, it is unknown from whom she was running. Cindy’s mother hires a private detective to answer all these questions. This book is the fourth book that continues with this plot. It is recommended that the entire series be read as a single book, as it contains original characters and a unique subject matter.

Wicked Eddies by Beth Groundwater 

What is fly fishing? Are there any dangers? Mandy Tanner had no idea before the tournament. The Arkansas River can be quite deadly and dangerous. But this river could not be guilty of brutally killing a human being. Howie Abbott was killed or killed during the competition. What was the cause of his death? While investigating this murder after the competition, Mandy encountered very interesting and terrible results. What was the reason for all this? Was it all connected?

Dead Lil’ Hustler by Victoria Houston 

t all starts with Police Chief Lewellyn Ferris discovering two different bodies. Both bodies were found deep in the forest. After a certain point in this story, which is centered on the Japanese art of tenkara flyfishing, things start to take a turn for the worse.

Cold-Hearted River by Keith McCafferty

Inspired by a true story. The true story of a person trying to complete his life mission is told. The story of the lost treasure is told. The reunion of Sheriff Martha Ettinger and Sean Stranahan also made the story more compelling. Combined with a love story, this novel is made more attractive. Seeing the dead woman’s fly purse and the letters EH engraved on it, the couple begins to think that this is not a coincidence.

Time Is a River by Mary Alice Monroe 

The story begins with Mia Landan taking shelter in Belle Carson’s cabin. Belle Carson is a fly fishing instructor, while Mia Landan is a woman undergoing breast cancer treatment and is shocked to learn that her husband is cheating on her. Turning the house she inherited from her grandmother into a fly fishing hut, Belle’s life is ruined after she is accused of killing her lover. Wise words resonate deeply in this book of extraordinary and inspiring words. The truth behind the lies is tried to be revealed. The colorful life stories of the townspeople are listened to and stories are created accordingly. Mia includes people she feels close to in her life story. Mia’s healing power creates compelling stories both for this story and for Kate’s descendants.

Hook, Line & Sinister: Mysteries to Reel You In

This book is written by 16 different authors. They are also anglers at the same time. Because of this reason, these books are very helpful in terms of starting fishing and also, they are very attractive if you are someone who enjoys reading fishing mysteries. You can find quite different stories from the most tragic to the funniest. It is a literary work where you can see both story creation and fishing passion.

  • “River Tears,” by Ridley Pearson
  • “Cutthroat,” by Mark T. Sullivan
  • “Blue on Black,” by Michael Connelly
  • “Unsnaggable,” by John Lescroart
  • “Darmstadt,” by Andrew Winer”Cherchez La Femme,” by Dana Stabenow
  • “Sandy Brook,” by Don Winslow
  • “The Nymph,” by Melodie Johnson Howe
  • “Tight Lines,” by James W. Hall
  • “Every Day Is a Good Day on the River,” by C. J. Box
  • “Death by Honey Hole,” by Victoria Houston
  • “The Blood-Dimmed Tide,” by Will Beall
  • “Dead Drift,” by Spring Warren
  • “Granite Hat,” by Brian M. Wiprud
  • “Mr. Brody’s Trout,” by William G. Tapply
  • “Luck,” by T. Jefferson Parker

A Beautiful Place to Die by Philip R. Craig

is the first inspirational book by Philip Craig, with Jeff J.W. as the protagonist. It is a republished book. It is about a mysterious boat explosion. It tells how the protagonist returns to business while investigating the life of the young vagrant who died in this explosion.

River watcher: A Fly-Fishing Mystery by Ronald Weber

The story begins with the death of Charlie, the beloved angler hunter known to all. Donald Fitzgerald and his ex-girlfriend Mercy Virdon join forces and become involved in this investigation. Who knows what is at a very questionable point. Set in the town of Ossnig, every fisherman’s dream, this story is filled with unforgettable characters and events. Fitzgerald and Mercy uncover theories about discovering the deadly secret among locals through their research conducted in accordance with the rules of the business. In this character-driven novel by the author, the plot is intertwined with a strong sense of place. The perfect alternative for fishermen and mystery lovers alike, this novel creates a literary mystery.

Dead Hot Mama by Victoria Houston

Winter in Loon Lake is fishing season. Doc Osborne tries to convince his best friends to go fishing this season. But they are unaware that what they will catch will not be only fish. They find the dead bodies of two motorcyclists near Two Sister Lake. In addition to these two bodies, they come across a woman’s corpse in the snowdrifts. Are these people connected? Is it a drug case? Or is there something much worse than this? When you read the novel, you will find the answers to all your questions.

Dying to Fly Fish by David Leitz

Max Adams is one of the most loved and enthusiastic fly fishermen in Loon, the area where he lives. In return for his achievements, Max Addams is made an offer he can’t refuse. They invite him to a commercial shoot in Los Angeles. But after filming begins, Max soon gets more than he expected, and the ad agency sends him fishing for a murderer.

“You’re Next!” by M.W. Gordon

Macduff Brooks is a versatile fly fishing guide. He works hard to be a fly fishing guide. But he hasn’t been feeling like Macduff for a very long time and he wants to go back to his old life. Depressed after his wife’s death in Snake River, Hunt has had his identity changed and placed under the federal protection program. Despite this, the Guatemalans cannot escape from the attackers. And events start and continue at full speed after this point. In this third book in Brooks’s fly fishing series, the eruption that occurred on the summer solstice of June 21 and the autumn equinox on September 21 and its effects on Brooks are described.

Not Death, But Love: A Quill Gordon Mystery by Michael Wallace

It is a great detective novel where you can reach more than one genre and story at the same time. Charlotte London’s house is destroyed in a fire and Charlotte’s body is found in this ruin. From this point on, Gordon has greater responsibilities than being an investor on a fishing trip. He also becomes the guardian of the family history. At the same time, many people gather to investigate Charlotte’s death. Among these people, there are people who have known Chorlette since the day she was born, as well as people who have even heard her name for the first time. At one point in the process, they decide to search through Chorlette’s diaries. They want to understand what these diaries are about. They believe that these diaries will shed light on the cause of the murder. These diaries are of paramount importance in this increasingly personal and dangerous investigation.

A Field Guide to Murder & Fly Fishing by Tim Weed 

A high-altitude lake is the starting point of this story. The dark adventures of people from different sectors who go out to discover themselves are told. Some of these occupational groups that go out to discover themselves are fishing guides, scientists, amateur athletes, and mountaineers.

The Snowfly by Joseph Heywood

Besides being rare, the Snowfly is enormous and legendary. They are quite attractive even for fish species that are tens of times their own size. Being able to exist in the real world we live in, this genre has become a fictional reality in this work of Heywood. It has been a novel that reflects Heywood’s style quite clearly. Bowie Rhodes, the protagonist, has known about the existence of snow flies since childhood. Trouts are very shrewd at catching this fly because their survival for 40 years or more depends on their feeding on these flies. It is the number one food to be used by those who want to hunt trout. Moved to a very sacred spot, snow flies have become creatures that go on very dangerous adventures to find.

Old Faithful Murder: Yellowstone Mystery Series by Raymond Kieft

It all begins when a host discovers a body in Yellowstone National Park, on the eve of a highly controversial speech. Parker is recruited by the FBI. He is expected to assist in this murder investigation. However, during the investigation, quite contradictory findings are encountered. All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to Compass International and Habitat For Humanity.

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