Strongest Fishing Lines and Their Features

If you are going to catch big fish, your fishing rod should be strong enough as well. The strength of a fishing rod varies depending on both the rod properties and the characteristics of the fishing machine. Rod thickness, length, flexibility and number of pieces play an important role in the strength of the fishing rod. In addition, features such as winding power and speed of the fishing machine directly affect the power of the fishing line. Nowadays, the most powerful fishing rods are called surf fishing rods.

The Strongest Fishing Line: Features of Surf Fishing Lines

  • Surf Casting Method and Surf Fishing Equipment

In surf angling, the casting the fishing line away from the shore is important. In this hunting type, you try to cast the bait at the tip of your fishing line to the longest possible distances with heavy sinkers. Breaking points of the sea waves are the feeding and hunting areas of many fish. That’s why you need to use special surf fishing equipment to enable you to reach your fishing line behind the waves.

Surf fishing equipment such as surf fishing rod and surf fishing machine are preferred in places where the current is fast and requiring the use of heavyweight fishing sinkers. In addition, strong surf fishing machines and special surf rods can be preferred in carp fishing.

  • Choosing the Right Surf Fishing Machine and Its Features

Surf fishing machine is selected from the machines having a length of 45 or more. Surf-type reels are shallow, so they don’t take as much line as they look wide and big. For example, Shimano’s 4500 number of surf machines and 45 spin machines should not be confused. For easy access, this 45 reel is big enough for surfing and gets enough fishing line. Due to its reel structure, it is necessary to evaluate the fishing line capacity of surf machines differently from other machines.

The speed of the surf fishing machine is generally low. Since the reels are large, they will wrap more lines in one round. For easy winding, the revolutions can be values like 3,4: 1:3, and 9:1. The best surf fishing machine brands are Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Ryobi, and Spro.

  • Choosing the Right Surf Rod and Its Features

Surf fishing rod type can be telescopic or segmented. If you do not have trouble moving, you can give priority to segmented fishing rods. The length of the surf fishing rod is entirely up to you. Although it does not have a full connection with human height, if you are over 175cm or higher, you may prefer a length of 420cm and above. It all depends on your comfort and ability to cast. Some people can be more comfortable with a 390cm fishing rod, even though they are very tall. The best-selling surf rods are 420 and 390 cm.

The structure of the surf fishing rods contains carbon material. Carbon is a strong and light material. Since surf rods are long, the necessary stiffness, flexibility and lightness balance are provided by carbon technology.

The strength of your fishing rod depends on the area you hunt as well as you. Learn how many grams of sinkers are used in the hunting area you will choose, and select a rod that offers this range. If you usually throw around 130 grams of sinker prefer a fishing rod that has a strength between 80-150 grams. Choosing the right range will provide easy and long throw distance. Carbon surf fishing rods produced by brands such as Shimano, Daiwa, Okuma, Tica, Italcanna, Spro, and Lineaeffe are quality, successful and preferred rods.

Necessary Fishing Line Strengths by Fishing Method

  • Fishing rod and fishing machine for LRF method:

Rod: 1-10 gr throws range, 150 – 300 cm length range, usually 2 piece rods.
Machine: 10 – 30 very small size and light reel.

Since the LRF hunting method is carried out with continuous rickshaws and playful movements, very small and lightweight silicone baits or spoons are used, so the most sensitive rods and the smallest machines should be selected. It is necessary that the tip of the rods are very delicate in order to give the necessary action to the bait.

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  • Fishing rod and fishing machine for trout and sea bass hunt:

Rod: 5 – 30 gr throws range, 150 – 330cm length range, 2 – 3 piece and telescopic rods.
Machine: 30 – 50 small-medium size reel.

Trout are usually caught in small, light spoons and fake baits. For this reason, thin and delicate rods with throws of 5 – 30 gr are preferred. Depending on the area in which you are hunting, you can use rods and machines specially designed for the FLY method such as 2-piece rods between 210 – 330cm.

Since sea bass is mostly hunted in the form of throw-pull spin from the shore with artificial baits, 5 – 30 gr throws and rods in the length range of 270 – 330 as well as 30 – 50 small-medium machines are used.

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  • Fishing rod and fishing machine for carp and catfish hunt:

Carp fishing rod with cork: Telescopic non-porcelain rods in the range of 3-8 meters with very precise tips
Carp bottom rod: 2 – 3 pieces or telescopic fishing rods of 330-360cm especially produced for carp fishing
Carp bottom rod machine: 50 – 80 large size pirn dimensions

Carp and catfish hunting: If you are going to hunt small fish, you can use no-machine rod models with lengths between 3m and 8m by fishing above water with a cork. If we are going to hunt freshwater fish like big carp, we usually prefer the bottom fishing rods which throw around 75 – 150 grams and which are around 300 – 350cm in length. For larger fish, such as catfish, it is more accurate to use rods with more powerful throws having filling parts.

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  • Pike and pikeperch hunt:

Rod: 20 – 40 g throw range, 150 – 300 cm length range, 2 – 3 piece, and telescopic rods
Pike rod on the boat: 20 – 40 g throw, 150 – 210 cm length 2 piece rod
Pike rod from the shore: 20 – 40 g throw, 270 – 330 cm length 2-piece or telescopic rod
Machine: 30 – 50 small-medium size reel

If you are going to hunt pike and pikeperch with fake bait from the shore, the rods which are not very thick and which throw around 40 – 80 g should be preferred. We do not recommend rods that are not very thick and not sensitive, as the tip of the rod is flexible so that you can move the spoon or artificial bait better. If you are going to hunt from the boat, you should prefer 2-piece or telescopic, but short rods between 180 – 270 cm in size with an average of 20 – 60 gr throws.

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  • Bluefish – Bonito – Large Bluefish hunt:

Rod: 100 – 200 g throw range, 330 – 450 cm length range, Surf type telescopic rods
Machine: 50 – 80 medium and large size reel surf type machine

If you are hunting bonito and largefish away from the shore with heavy sinkers in the flowing places, you should prefer the rods which throw between 100 – 200 grams and are between 330 – 440 cm. Surf type rods are generally used in this hunting type.

If you are hunting with fake fish without casting too far away from the shore, it will be more flexible with 15 – 45 gr throws and rods around 300 – 330cm in length.

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  • Horse mackerel hunt:

Rod: 75 – 150 g throw range, 330 – 450 cm length range, Surf type telescopic rods
Machine: 50 – 60 Medium Reel Surf Type Machine

75 – 150 g throwing rods should be preferred. Surf rods are generally used in this hunting type. We do not recommend non-sensitive rods with higher throw range because it will be difficult to feel the rod. Try to choose the most sensitive rod, taking into account the maximum sinker weight you will throw.

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  • Bait sea fish hunt from the shore:

Rod: 40 – 100 g throw range, 270 – 350 cm length range, telescopic rods
Machine: 40 – 60 medium size reel spin type machine

If you are hunting fish like bream, two banded bream and blotched picarel, you should prefer telescopic rods and 2-piece rods, which are between 270 – 330 m in length, which are sensitive to the extent that you can feel when the fish hits.

If you are hunting bigger and stronger fish like Sea Bass, Bluefish, Large Bluefish, or Bothus, you should prefer stronger rods with throwing values between 100 – 200 g. Surf rods are more suitable in this hunting type.

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  • Sea fish hunt on the boat:

Rod: 40 – 150 g throw range, 120 – 210 cm length range, 2 piece boat-type rods
Machine: 50 – 60 medium-size reel, general use type machine

In order to be able to move easily while hunting from the boat and to hunt without disturbing others, you should prefer short, telescopic or 2-piece rods between 120 – 210 cm. If the fish you are going to catch is small, you should prefer thin-tipped, light and 50 – 150 g throws or 15 – 30 lbs pulling rods.

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  • For hunting large fish such as Leer Fish, Sword Fish, Grouper and Rock Grouper:

Rod: 100 – 300 g throw or 15 – 80 lbs pulling range, 150 – 210 cm length range, 2-piece boat type 1-2-3 parts and spinning wheel rods
Machine: 60 – 80 large size reel jig machines or spinning wheel type machines

Since these types of fish are caught from the boat, you should use one-piece or 2-piece strong spinning reels with spinning machines. While hunting with a jigging method from the boat, you can use high-quality high-torque top class powerful models. We recommend 60 – 80 large reel length machine especially for jig and 2-piece robust rods between 150 – 210 cm.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Strong Fishing Line

Angling varies regionally around the world. In some regions, boat hunting, in some others shore or boat hunting, and in some, long-distance fishing from the shore can be seen. The following points must be observed when selecting a strong fishing machine.

  • Machine Type

Even though the fishing machines are very similar in shape, they vary according to the type of fish you will hunt. I can categorize the fishing machines as follows in general.

  • Surf Fishing Machines
  • Spin Fishing Machines
  • Jigging Fishing Machines
  • Spinning Fishing Machines
  • Bait Runner Fishing Machines
  • Bait Casting Fishing Machines

First, you need to decide the fishing machine you need.

  • Head Size

The size of the fishing line is determined by the thickness of the fishing line when a machine is fully filled with 100 meters of fishing line. For example, a fishing line with a 5000 head size fills a fishing line with a diameter of 0.50 mm and a length of 100 meters. Fishing machine head size is an element to be considered according to the type of fish you will hunt.

  • Tightness Setting

As the choice of the right fishing machine and the right fishing rod, the right tightness setting is also quite important in fishing. The biggest mistake that new fishermen generally make is that they cannot adjust the appropriate tightness setting. While the process of catching the fish until it hits the bait is the chance of hunter, it now requires skill to take the fish out of the water. The fishing machines release some line to reduce the tension on the line in response to the resistance of the fish. You can determine how much fishing line will be released by adjusting the tightness setting.

  • Front Tightness Setting
  • Tightness Setting From behind
  • Side Tightness Setting
  • Both Front and Side Tightness Setting

You must make your choice according to the type of fish you hunt.

  • Number of balls

It reduces the friction of the mechanical devices and increases the head rotation speed. There are machines with 1 -15 balls. The high number of balls will increase your performance in long-term hunting.

  • Cycle Rate

The most commonly used cycle ratio is 4.9: 1. It determines the number of turns of the machine head when the machine arm is turned 1 turn. For machines with a 4.9: 1 revolution ratio, the head will rotate 4.9 times in 1 turn. While heavy-duty fishing machines are used with 2.1 cycles, the machines with 4.1 and 5.1 cycles are preferred for coastal hunting and throw and pull hunting.

  • Machine weight

Many fishing methods are performed in such a way that the fishing tackle is constantly held. This element, which can be ignored in pending prey, should be paid attention especially by hunters who are hunted by the throw and pull method. The fishing machine, which you will always have in hand with the fishing rod, can allow you to return home with less tiredness or perform longer hunting after a joyful day. If you get less tired, your hunting session will definitely be more successful. In the end, you are doing this for fun as a hobby.

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