The Best Fishing Supplies That Will Change Your Fishing Activity

If you are just starting, fishing makes you feel like it an easy hobby to choose and keep on to do it. But after you get used to fish and start to get results of it, it may get something serious for you. In the beginning, you can think that the only thing you need to have is patience and some lures to fake the fishes. But more it becomes a part of your life it gets deeper and exhaustive. Your basic hobby may turn out your biggest addiction. This is the epicenter of this activity. As soon as people understand that fishing is something more than a hobby, it is something more than being patience; there are some other details that you have to start to think about.

After spending some time on fishing, you can discover that the feeling that you have is not only because of you are in the middle of nature and stroke the good mood but also because you feel something way different than that you ever felt from your previous hobbies. This is the time that dishing hobby become a lifestyle or not just a hobby anymore. In that time, you will need some proper items for your new journey which means you need ‘’fishing equipment’’. After you are done with being a novice, it is time to be professional. But of course, it is not that easy. Being professional and fish like an experienced angler requires some tools to get the best results from what you are doing. These kinds of equipment will help you to be more successful while fishing and make you feel like you are a man on the pursuit of an important mission.

Besides, most of the professionals are fishing because after they get experienced, they can sell the fishes they caught and make money from this pleasurable pastime. So, maybe you can think about spending too much money for fishing equipment is not necessary; but after you start to have a profit of this pleasure you will make more money than you purchased. If you are not searching for profits, it is still something makes you feel better because going for fishing and coming back with one or two fishes or none can diminish your self-confidence about fishing and you may quit this hobby before it starts.

So, it is always better to be well-prepared for your hobby and equipped for what you are currently accomplishing. Because successful fishing is not so easy. You need to have the right equipment, enough patience, and knowledge to get the victory. Let’s see which equipments will carry you to success via perfect and affordable options on the Amazon website.


Before choosing a fishing rod, there are some details you need to know. Because the rod is something has 3 different parts. First part is handle. It is basically where you hold the pole. İt is important because if you do not have a comfortable handle, you may harm your hand and will not be able to fish comfortably. You should not forget that your hands are the most important factor for your fishing. You can look for short or long handles up to which type of fishing technique you will use. Long handles allow you to hold with both hands for longer casting. Short handles will be with you if you are a short casting angler. So, it is all up to your technique.

Secondly, the reel seat is coming. It is a bit upper part of your handles and it is the space where you can slide the reel into the sea. to have a perfect balance and all setup reel seat, you need to search for a good real seat and make sure that it will not make any problem in your angling.
Thirdly, the blank or guides are the parts which will help you while fishing. This part is generally made from plastic or mixture of metal and ceramic. It helps you control your rod better and give you the flexibility of your short or long-distance casting.

Now, it is time to choose a rod type. They come in two general styles which are casting rods and spinning rods. If you are targetting large size of fishes in the open seas, casting rod will be the one what you are looking for. The most important difference between casting and spinning rod is, casting rods to allow you more accuracy and prediction. And their small but strong reel seat part is giving you a chance for getting heavier fishes. In other hands, spinning rods are generally smaller and lighter on the contrary of casting rods. They are more comfortable to use than casting rods due to they are lighter and easier to use. Spinning rods are highly recommended for the beginner anglers.

After be acknowledge of all these, it is time to choose the perfect fit for you from Amazon. Some best seller of Amazon rods are as below:

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Rod with Reel Combo Sea Saltwater Freshwater Kit Fishing Rod Kit

There are two really good reasons to get this Plussinno fishing rod. One is it is economical and the other one is it is süper easy to store it. Because you can infold it and have a small size of it. It is made from fiberglass so it is durable and flexible. Its reel seat is stainless so you will not worry about using it in salty water. Also, the brand provides you 12 months warranty. It is something affordable and effective to start fishing without any doubt!

KastKing Emergence Fly Fishing Combo – 4 Piece Graphite Fly Fishing Rod, Pre-Loaded Aluminum Fly Fishing Reel, Accessories and 12 Popular Flies – with a Protective Travel Case

After spending some time in the fishing field, it can be time for getting something professional. If you are an advanced level of angler, this product will satisfy you with its every feature. It lets you feel all the control under your hand with its sensitivity and let you have comfortable casting because it is light. It has 1 year of guarantee and presents you durability and confidence in fishing. Of course, it does not mean that new beginner can not use this rod, but it is relatively more expensive than the other rods and may seem something not worthy, to begin with.


Fishing lines can the most important member of the fishing equipment. Not only you carry the fishes on it but also it is your fancy clothes to get fishes attention. The quality of the lines is making a really big difference in catching the fishes. The first thing to know, decide what kind o fishes you will try to catch. If you are seeking for big fishes, a thin line will not work for you. Or if you are not seeking for big fishes, thick lines may make some problems. It generally depends on the strength of the lines. If you have a weak line, that means even if you had the chance to pull a big fish you will fail while trying to take it to the surface.

Quality will show up at these times and if you failed, next time you will be searching for strength and valued lines. So it is better to know what you want before you decide.
Also, the water type can change your line type. Because salty waters and freshwaters require different types of lines. So, you will be going to check which is proper for you before getting one! And also the type changes when you are fishing in the offshore in inshore. Again, you will exactly know where you are heading before try to set up for fishing.

Besides, the color of the line is a good reason to think about. When the weather is too good and shiny, it is useful to get fluorescent colors. Because of the sunlight, fishes will not be able to see the line but while you are looking above the water, it will reflect in it so you will be able to detect where your line is going by using some physics. After all this, it is simple to choose something from amazon without any hesitation!

KastKing SuperPower Braided Fishing Line – Abrasion Resistant Braided Lines – Incredible Superline – Zero Stretch – Smaller Diameter

This line is the best of the best in the Amazon. It provides so many good features. One of them is, its diameter is small but at the same time, it is super strong so it will be easy to not or put the lures on it. Good thing is, this brand presents zero stretches. It is durable and will not make any problem at all in your lure swimming capacity.


Hooks are the oldest tool that people use for fishing. It is kind of something that remains from our ancestors. When somebody says hook, there are thousands of the types, colors, and size of hooks come to our mind. Even though we use it for years, there is still something to learn about hooks and before decide which one is better for us, there are some tricks to know. Again, the first thing you will look for is target fish. Are you a big fish seeker or small? Then question two coming, what kind of techniques you use for fishing? Are you done? Not yet. Which water will you fish on? If you are surely answerşng these questions, let me give you good news. It is time to get a hook from Amazon!

The hook should be wide and sharp enough to get the fish and also be strong to get rid of from other sea livings inside of the sea. It supposes to allow you to plunge to the deep inside of the water and strength enough to get the fish on it and pull it together with. As we all know, hooks are working with lures so it is impossible to think them without each other. According to your lure style, your hook style can change. There are single, double and treble hooks you can choose.

Also, the shape of the hooks will be something to pay attention to. Except single or double the form of hooks are also various. There are J-Hooks which resemble the letter J, or circle hooks or weedless hooks. All are serving to different purposes and all of them has little details to think about before you put your rule on it. Your bait can be live or it can be made from plastic. So, your hook has to transform itself for your lure.

VIPMOON 500pcs Fishing Hooks High Carbon Steel with Plastic Box

As I mentioned above, hook size depends on your target fish. The good thing about this hook pocket is it provides 10 different sizes of hooks. So, you can fulfill your hook box easily in 10 different sizes. It is sharp enıugh to increase your catchings and strong to carry even your big targets. It is made fro carbon steel so you can use it in freshwater or salty water without any doubt!


Bobbers help to keep your bait near to the surface. Which will provide you a visible fishing experience. When your bait attracts the fishes, our bobber will sink so that you can understand that your bait is doing its job and fishes coming for it. Just like other equipment also bobbers come with different options. There are traditional types made from cork. They are good to use because it is easy to attach them but when you compare them with more dignified ones, they are not desirable as modern ones. These types have a line on them which shows the level of its sinking. So, you can understand easily and clearly when the fish arrives. It will be better to get small and more active ones.

Eagle Claw Snap-On Floats Assortment, 12 Piece

This Amazon choice of bobbers are the most effective ones because not only they do their duty but also they are super affordable so that you will not even worry about if you lose one of them for some reason. Making your fishing better just because you purchase merely, you will be happier while you are fishing.


Lures are offering one main thing which is ‘’faking’’. You fake the fishes using some type of lures (they can be real or artificial) and try to seem like you feed fishes but try to get their attention and make hem move forward to you to be able to catch them. Although most freshwater lures are produced for fishing markets artificial can be used to get other class of fishes as well. My warning to you is do not underestimate the fishes. Even though we know that fishes are not very clever, when they are hungry they can turn out to the smartest animal ever. Because, even if you get tons of lures and try to catch fishes, as long as you do not get the proper lure, you can not be successful in your activity. To make your activity profitable, there are 6 steps you need to follow before choosing a fishing lure type.

1. Use Plastic Lures to Get Attention

Occasionally, some fishes look for something plastic or wood to feed themselves with drop-offs. The plastic lure that you have on the surface will seem like plastic or wooden thing that a fish can attack and something to eat. When the fish arrived, it attacks to the hook thinking that your plastic lure is something available to eat and so its body covers the hook and you can get what you want.

2. Using Crankbaits Can Help You to Get More Fishes

They are made of hard plastic and their name comes from the method of their usage. the method is, casting out the lure and get it back quickly.

3. Use Jigs to Get a Clean Shot

Jigs are made from a protection part which keeps the hook out of rocks and weeds. They are also made with a weight on them so that lure can go deeper and move in the water easily.

4. Use Spoons to Get Much More Attention

The spoon is getting fishes attention via making noises while they are swinging. If your target is trout or panfish, you may need to choose small spoons. Instead, if you have larger spoons, that means you need to search for bass, walleye or other types of large fishes.

5. Be Careful About the Water and Weather That You Will Be Fishing

If you are fishing in the bright sunny days, your rule needs to be bright and light-colored. If the weather is cloudy and water is in dirty conditions, your lure should be darker which attunes with dark conditions. Choosing vibrating lures will be more effective while your lure is moving in the water trying to advertise itself.

6. Choose the Lure Size Following Target Fish and Your Tackle Type

If your rule is too small, maybe some of the big fishes will not even attempt to eat it, or maybe they will eat but you will not even recognize it. So, it is good to know your targets and move with this acknowledge.

Fishing Lures for Bass 4.9″ Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Hard Lure Fishing Tackle Kits Lifelike

This lure is the Amazon bestseller lure with its four and a half stars. It has eight body level. It is flexible and making great moves in the water so becoming a perfect target for your target fish in the sea. It is made from mesh woven fabric which offers you extreme fishing participation. Specially colored design is the most important feature of this lure has. As you know the most important thing is to get the other fishes attention and being attractive in the sea. So, color options are giving a great opportunity to you.

SUPERTHEO Fishing Lure Set Fishing Spoons Frog Lures Soft Hard Metal Lure Rattle Crank Popper Minnow Pencil Jig Hook for Trout Bass Salmon with Tackle Box

This brand is coming with lures in the box. So, you will not worry about losing your lures and every time pay fort o get the new ones. The good thing is the box provides a variety of options. If you are in the freshwater, you can pick freshwater lure or if you are in the salty water you can pick the salty water lure and be flexible about where you will fish. Being able to carry your lure box wherever you want brings you wide freedom. The interesting thing is this brand has 24-hour customer service which will open for you just in case if you have any question or problem with your lures and fishing. Also, the product is coming with its 15 months warranty.


If you are tidy and getting crazy about putting everything is in order, see all your items in systematic look, you will %100 need a tackle box to put every item arrange. It is something necessary because fishing is not included only a couple of items to get it done. There are very small pieces you need to have and all of them are crucial while fishing. So, you do not want to lose your items just because you could not store them. Tackle boxes are great choices to have all you need under your hand and pack every item you want next to you. Because, it is not only the women jewelry inside of the boxes with good protection and in order, there are some other things to put inside of the boxes!

KastKing Tackle Boxes, Plastic Box, Plastic Storage Organizer Box with Removable Dividers – Fishing Tackle Storage

These kinds of boxes provide you a quick identification. If you are in the middle of catching a fish and be quick as much as you can, decide which lure you will use, find it in your bag and change the lure you are running out of your time against to a fish. You have to decide fast, find your lure fast and get it done faster than your target. So, with this kind of boxes, you will bring durable storage and supreme organization resolutions to your activity.


We all hope that there will be no injury during you are enjoying your hobby. But, things happen and you may get injured yourself. So, you have to have your first aid kit with you in case of an emergency. Insıde of this kit band-aids, small bandages, waterproof tapes, and antibacterials are essentials.

Marine Emergency First Aid Kit In Waterproof Case

The first feature you need is something with a waterproof case. If you are having your aid kit for fishing, that means the possibility of the things gets wet is high. It is better to cover them with something waterproof so that when you need them they can be usable and clean. Do not forget that you will never know what can happen to you. Bad things come when you are not expecting them to occur. It is always good to be ready for any situation.

As long as you have what you need, your fishing activity will be something different and more desirable. So, it is good to know the necessities before you start fishing!

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