Why Fishing Is Fun: The Reasons We Love Fishing

One of the addicting hobbies once you try it is fishing. Fishing lovers’ only aim is to be happy. In fact, this is the case with other hobbies as well… Fishing relaxes one’s soul and brings peace. It makes the person feel good and happy. Fishing lovers like to be in nature, to “hear” the silence, to watch the fascinating surface of the water for hours, to keep an eye on the hook. For fishing lovers, fishing is both “the loneliest sport” and passion. The most ambitious fishing lovers claim that “ordinary people” do not recognize this passion. So can you guess why fishing is fun?

Conversations with other fishermen, tables set up with family and friends on the beach, tea, the peace of the sun and the sea, and the excitement when the fish are caught are the factors that make fishing fun. For those who have just started fishing and those who have been doing it as a hobby for a long time, the pleasure of fishing is different, whether the bucket is empty or full. Since fishing is considered a hobby in itself, a pleasure, the fisherman throws aside everything in his mind and focuses on fishing. Pleasant thoughts about the work done, such as how long later the fish will be caught reduce the stress of work – school – intense tempo.

Anyone experienced in fishing knows that fishing is a matter of patience and focus. Because sometimes fish can be caught in a short time, sometimes the fish is expected to come to the fishing line for hours in silence. This experience shows and teaches the importance of patience. While sitting quietly on the portable chair and waiting for the fish to come to the fishing line, the silence of the environment, the smell of the sea, the sparkle of the waves, and the blue clouds resembles heaven, almost away from the city noise, and in this respect, it provides a peaceful day.

Throwing the fishing line away, collecting the fishing rod quickly when the fish is caught, holding the fishing line for long hours, and all similar physical activities provide physical exercise and allow the shoulder part, which is the laziest part of the body, to work. Furthermore, anyone who fishes or intends to fish learns a lot of information about which fish is produced in which season, which fish is delicious, and moreover, how and how these fish should be cooked.

Why We Love Fishing: The Fun Side of Fishing

Some love it very much, others do not understand why others love it so much. With the warming of the weather, we decided to find a new hobby for you and ourselves. In the following paragraphs, we researched fishing and thought if we could do it as a hobby.

  • Philosophy / Teaching

In the movies for some reason, someone’s father always goes fishing, and for some reason again, that person is either at odds with the father or is trying to make things right. Fortunately, it is not the situation in the real life. It is obvious that there is a philosophy behind fishing. On the boat, the person is waiting calmly for his prey, as if a lonely man had reached Nirvana. We can really say that this activity acts as a meditation. Quiet environment, only the sounds of wind, waves, and birds are heard. You are on your own, alone with your thoughts, dealing with an activity that does not make you think too much and often only makes you wait. Even if you go with your friends, it is still a relaxing program.

It teaches you a lesson about life: Try your best, hope for the best, there will be days when you catch something, and days when you don’t catch anything but always be grateful. Be grateful to the sound of the water, be grateful to the sun in the sky, and try your luck again and again with your fishing rod. In short, it shows you to be patient and that many things in life are beyond your control. Then wisdom comes to you and you learn to fall within the waves of life and move with the current. I think we’re already over.

  • The excitement of the hunt

Another reason men love so much may be the instinctive feeling that men have been responsible for hunting and feeding the family since the first day of humanity. You will catch an amazing fish, it is fresh, then take it home and cook it, and thanks to your effort, you will be able to feed your family from nature and your own hand. Maybe we raised the family situation a little too much, even if you feed yourself, it is enough satisfaction.

  • Less effort more pleasure

If we think about it, it is not a difficult activity, you are not running a marathon at the end of the day. All you have to do is pick up the right items, choose the right place and bait, and when you feel a movement on the fishing line, you can quickly make us of the opportunity. If you think of it as a sport, it is a very inviting sport, you can fish no matter what height and the weight you are.

  • The joy of sharing

Fishing is an ideal activity for bonding. Grandfather, uncle, son, grandchild… Even though there is no fight against predators in the Amazon, you have a little adventure. You are waiting for the fish to come, then there is great excitement to see if the fish will be caught. Thus, you create an unforgettable memory.

Top 15 Reasons That Make Fishing Fun

This beautiful activity is actually more than waiting for the fish to arrive on the boat or on the shore. So let’s look at which one is your reason for fishing:

  1. It prevents you from stress. Turn off the phone and leave yourself with the pleasure you experience while fishing, get away from the stress of the city, and the noise and you will realize how much fishing keeps you away from stress. If you get even more stressed, we are not responsible, try other activities.

2. Provides a different activity with your friends on the weekend. If possible, let your friend you call fishing to be someone who can keep up with any environment and enjoy fishing with you. Otherwise, it will not work with people like “why is it hot here”, “why are we waiting for this fish so much”, “look at me, the sun is on my head”. Not even!

3. Provides the development of your hand skills. In fact, not only your dexterity but also the small muscles in your wrists, forearms, biceps, triceps, and shoulders are strengthened.

4. It allows you to travel by determining different locations. You can have fun with the routes you can find for fishing using internet resources, and even meet fish species you have never seen. Therefore, wherever you go fishing, you can research which fish are there and organize your professional fishing equipment accordingly. Do not forget about this goodness.

5. It is one of the most popular activities in the world. It is quite natural that it does not appeal to everyone, but it is also said that there are many people who accidentally gained their passion for fishing. That’s why you can gain passions not only by fishing but also by doing different activities.

6. It appeals to people of all ages. It appeals to everyone, whether young, old, male, or female.

7. It offers therapy and a meditative activity recommended by experts. It is widely used as rehabilitation by many psychologists, counselors, and physical therapists in the field.

8. Allows you to burn calories. You can burn 500 – 1000 calories by fishing.

9. It contributes both physically and mentally to the body. Fishing strengthens your focus. It also causes your brain to work hard. Therapeutic experts are said to help the person’s mind drift into inner conflict.

10. When talking about fish species in the environment, it is likely to attract all the attention. So yes, but still talk to someone who has a culture of fishing. Whether the other party is interested in fishing is also important.

11. It is relaxing. Fishing is such a nice activity; Following the fish, managing the fishing rod, you will not even feel tired while standing.

12. If you have a lover, fishing that day can be a nice activity for you. Creative couples looking for a difference who are tired of doing the same things every weekend now, what if you throw your fishing rod into the sea away from the city? While you are waiting for the fish, what if you pour 2 coffees and wait for the fish to come? Wouldn’t it be nice if you hooked algae instead of fish, laugh, and didn’t give up there, throw the fishing line again, catch a nice fish and cook it on the fire and eat it?

13. Teaches to be patient

14. It allows you to listen to your head and think efficiently.

15. Most importantly, fishing is actually an excuse. The issue is peace.

Fishing Tricks That Make Fishing More Fun

Although there are many different methods of fishing, we can say that it is mainly caught in two ways. The first is with the net and the second is with the fishing line. Fishing with a net is mainly for sales-oriented jobs where a little more fish are to be collected. Angling is more preferred as a hobby and sport. A few details that those who want to fish with a fishing rod need to know are what the fishing line, line, and bait are. Depending on the fish you will keep, the length or flexibility of the fishing line, the thickness of the line, the feed itself will vary. Because knowing these three well will help you become a good fisherman. It is also very valuable to know which food to use for which fish. For example, while maggot and red mullet and mullet can be caught, almost any fish can be caught with mackerel.

A tool bag, plastic or metal reed machine, fishing line, needle set, swivel clip, lead, a bucket to put the caught fish, fishing seat, bait cutting board, fishing knife, raincoat according to weather conditions, and boots are must-have items for fishing. The fishing line is first wrapped on the reed machine we purchased, and then the reed and the machine are matched. In the field, the hook tackle is combined with the reed, with the help of the clip, the lead is left at the bottom and made ready for shooting. The ready team is safely thrown into the water and waited according to the type of hunting. It is wrapped according to the reactions.

Now that we’ve shared information about basic fishing with you, we’d like to share a few tricks that you should always have in mind.

  • Be patient: Fishing is a job that requires patience. That’s why you need to pay attention while fishing. You can keep your focus on the fishing rod so that you don’t get distracted.
  • Don’t make noise: Usually fish don’t like noise very much. For this reason, you need to know that you are dealing with a more calm and quiet sport. You can easily fish by removing noise sources.
  • Work with backup: Make sure that your fishing hook, fishing line, and even the bell that you attach to the end of the fishing line are backed up. Don’t forget to keep your bait backed up in case you overuse it. Because what will happen is unpredictable until then.

In addition, according to the information we have obtained from many sources, it is necessary to pay attention to some things in order to be successful in this sport, which is considered as a kind of meditation, which is performed at the points where the sea and green meet, and thus the integration with nature is at a high level. Professionals offer the following recommendations to increase the number of catches in angling, which requires love, patience, cold blood, and fast reflexes.

  • Fine line 0.25, 0.30, and 0.40 is suitable, it does not scare the fish.
  • When big fish are caught in the fishing line, the line should be pulled up slowly without frightening.
  • The anchor should not be thrown while holding mackerel, it is not suitable as the movement of the anchor rope will frighten the fish and cut it in half.

  • You must have a ladle for big fishing with a boat. Fish taken out of the sea should be caught with a ladle or gaff.
  • Another thing to have in a fishing boat is the bucket. Large water buckets can also be used instead. In addition, the water in the bucket must be changed constantly, otherwise, the fish may become stale even if they are in the plastic bucket.
  • In order to use the hunting areas continuously, it is necessary not to pollute.
  • If there is an increased amount of baits at the end of the hunting day and no new catch will be made soon after that day, baiting should be done with the increased baits.

If you are a newcomer to fishing or if you are a hobbyist, you can start fishing by considering the above suggestions.

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